Patient Access

The Practice is pleased to provide patients with access to its Clinical System via a Secure Web Interface.

To use you will need a Practice ID number and Access ID number which is obtained from the practice, and, in conjunction with a password, will be unique to you.

Click below to access (opens in a new window).

*** Prescription Service ***

Patient Access is now available to Dr Agarwal & Dr Bano patients.

Please note that once you have registered to access the service, we have to authorise your account before it is available for you to use. For us to authorise your account and give you full access to the repeat prescription ordering service you must provide photographic identification (e.g photo card driving licence or passport) to the practice. 

All you need to do is click this secure link to and register to use the service.

You can use this service to:

  • Book and cancel appointments online 
  • Order your repeat prescriptions (any medication not listed as repeat may be requested via the messaging service on Patient Access)
  • Send secure messages to the practice (such as requesting your medication not on repeat)
  • Update your personal details (eg. new telephone numbers, change of address)
  • View a summary of your medical record, including Medication, Allergies and Adverse Reactions (once you have fully registered, you will require a separate pass phrase for this, please contact the surgery to arrange this)
  • Pre-register as a patient

Important Service Information

Patients can use the on-line access service for ordering prescriptions, sending secure messages, personal profile updates, booking appointments subject to the following terms and conditions: 

  • Applications will be considered for patients who are 16 and over.  (Any parent  who requires medication for a child under 16, please use the secure messaging option on Patient Access to request)
  • Applications are one per patient
  • Patients can pre-register for access on-line.  However registration will not be complete until the actual person has presented at the practice with photographic primary identification such as a driving licence, passport etc. If identification is not provided within the calendar month the original application will be cancelled.
  • Acceptance of one member of a family does not imply acceptance of other / further family members
  • Passwords will only be released directly to the patient and not a third party/parent
  • Patients must make sure they keep their log on details and password safe and secure.  You must let us know as soon as possible if these details are lost, stolen or inadvertently become known to someone else
  • Where an application is refused the details for refusal will be put in a letter to the patient
  • Patients with a history of non-attendance at pre-booked appointments will not normally be granted access to on-line appointment booking/prescription ordering.  However the remainder of the facilities will be considered
  • On-line appointments booked are to be cancelled by the patient as soon as it is determined that it is no longer required
  • The practice will not allow misuse of the on-line system.  Usage will be monitored and if it is felt that the system is being misused a warning letter will be sent to the patient.  Where the situation does not improve or reoccurs access will be removed permanently and without further notice at the discretion of the partners
  • Repeat prescriptions may only be ordered where these appear on the repeat list, which is provided to patients on the tear-off portion of the last prescription issued.  The request must match the repeat list exactly and must be due.  Other items ordered or requested using this system will not be actioned, and no contact will be made with the patient.  Prescriptions ordered outside this guideline must be actioned outside of the on-line system
  • Each person using the on-line facility will need their own individual email address
  • Personal information updating is subject to validation after submission.  Patients moving outside the practice area will be removed from the practice list
  • Once you have logged into the on-line services do not leave your computer unattended and ensure you log out completely once you have finished
  • If you access the on-line services via a mobile device do not let another person use your mobile device. You are responsible for making sure information either shown or stored on your mobile device is kept secure

You must read all the information at the top of this page and click on the link link above to proceed